Monday, April 27, 2015

You Are Cured!


First of all Conversion or Reparative therapy means that something is wrong with you, but what is really wrong are the ones who think that being trans or gay is wrong and can be “cured.” Second Conversion or Reparative therapy creates more harm than good, the suicide rates go up, there is an increase in depression, and it creates false hope.
Conversion therapy bans necessary
The Columbia Chronicle
By Editorial Board
Posted on Apr 27, 2015

President Barack Obama’s April 8 call for a ban on conversion therapy—an unethical and disproven method that some people claim can repair variant gender expression and sexual orientations—seems too little, too late in light of the growing concern over the many public instances of bullying and suicides of those considered “other.”

With the many hits the U.S.’s LGBTQ communities have taken in recent weeks, this show of support from the president may seem as if it is a giant leap forward in the fight for LGBTQ equality. However, the fact that many young children and teens are forced into “corrective” therapy for identifying as gay or transgender—identities that have been deemed as illnesses that can be cured by those who administer conversion therapy—demands more than a show of support. It demands actual legislation.
Of course, Congress’ track record for approving anything Obama puts forth is abysmal, so making the decision to place the responsibility of a conversion therapy ban upon individual states is a rational move. It is simply a matter of applying the right amount of pressure to those states that remain backwards in allowing its residents to practice and participate in conversion therapy.
Here in Connecticut there is talk about legislation banning Conversion/Reparative therapy but so far we do not know of any therapists who practice Conversion/Reparative therapy here in Connecticut so right now it is on the back burner in case it becomes a problem here. 

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