Thursday, April 09, 2015

Three Steps Forward Two Steps Back

Human rights should never be subject to a vote!

In Springfield Missouri the city council passed a non-discrimination ordinance protecting LGBT people but it was just overturn by a referendum.
Springfield voters repeal protections for gay, transgender people
By Paula Morehouse, Mike Landis Mike Landis, and Robin Yancey Robin Foster
April 7, 2015

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - The vote was close but Springfield voters on Tuesday rejected an anti-discrimination ordinance meant to protect gay men, lesbian women, and transgender people.   The Springfield City Council added those protections to the city's broader anti-discrimination ordinance last October.

With all the votes tallied, about 51.4 percent of the Springfield voters on Tuesday said they wanted to repeal the City Council's action, while 48.6 percent wanted to retain it.  The raw numbers are 15,347 people voted "yes" to repeal the anti-discrimination ordinance and 14,493 people voted "no" to keep it on the books.
The reason why they are called “Human Rights” is because there are certain basic rights that are believed to fundamentally belong to every person. Hence one group of people should not be allowed to be voted away by another group of people. In other words, the majority should not be able to oppress a minority.

Do you think that voters would have voted to end segregation? Do you think that women would have the vote if it was put to popular vote? In Springfield we see a narrow majority to endorsed bigotry against a minority. And LGBT are a minority, we make up around 2 percent of the population.

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