Sunday, April 12, 2015

Breaking The Law

It is against the law to require students at school that receive federal funding to discriminate against trans students and require them to use a single stall bathroom or use the bathroom of their birth gender. However, that doesn’t stop state legislatures or school board from passing laws or policies to the contrary.
Nevada transgender bill passes committee
Reo Gazette Journal
By Trevon Milliard
April 11, 2015

A bill to segregate Nevada's transgender students into separate school bathrooms passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Friday, the final day for bills to stay alive in the 2015 session.

Assembly Bill 375 survived the committee — dominated by conservative Republicans — on party lines. Only Democrats voted against it.

It will now be up to the full Assembly to decide if the controversial bill, described by opponents as illegal under federal law, should go any further.
And it is not like they do not know about Title IX,
Critics don't only contend the bill is harmful. It flies in the face of federal law.

Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in schools that receive federal funds, said Vanessa Spinazola, legislative and advocacy director for the ACLU of Nevada, noting that the bill "will be litigated if it passes."

"The bill is proposed by nothing but hate and unjustified fear," said Brock Maylath, president and co-founder of Reno's Transgender Allies Group.
So what this law will do is to put school systems in a vice. If they obey the state law they are going to be fined by the federal government and subject to lawsuits, but if they follow federal they will be violating the state law.

Way to go Republicans! 

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