Tuesday, April 07, 2015

We Are The New “In,”

Have you noticed that it seems like anything trans is now “In.”

You can turn around without seeing some new TV show or a movie or a magazine article that featuring a trans woman. There are some trans people that jokingly have a drinking game about trans people on TV, you take a drink every time you see them putting on make-up or a “before” picture. A new show on cable is bound to get you wasted. People magazine has an article about the show,
Check Out TV's First Series About Transgender Women (VIDEO)
By Lynette Rice

On April 2, the cable channel will be ready to share their stories with viewers. New Girls on the Block is not only the first original series developed by Discovery Life (formerly Discovery Fit & Health), but it will also mark the first time a network has embedded itself within the transgender community.

PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the unscripted series that will follow eight people, six of whom are transgender women, in varying stages of their transition and in relationships.
Now how many time do you think the show will show them putting on make-up or before transition photos? You better stock up your liquor cabinet.

I don’t mind show like the new TV movie Endgame that fall Michelle Hendley will play a trans woman or shows like “Orange is the New Black” where trans woman plays the part of a trans woman. But I think shows like “New Girls on the Block” are just exploiting the trans trend.

I was at a Creative Cocktail Hour (A monthly event at a local avant-garde art gallery) a few months back and a woman that I had never seen before invited me to a party. There were four women who looked like they were in their late twenties or early thirties wanted me a sixty+ trans woman come to their party on Saturday. The only reason I could think of was that they wanted a token trans person at their party.

So we are the new “In” and the gays are passé. 

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