Monday, April 13, 2015

I Hate The Word “Stealth”

If you look at the definition of the word it says,
1: a archaic :  theft
    b obsolete :  something stolen
2:  the act or action of proceeding furtively, secretly, or imperceptibly
3:  the state of being furtive or unobtrusive
4:  an aircraft-design characteristic consisting of oblique angular construction and avoidance of vertical surfaces that is intended to produce a very weak radar return
The connotation is that of deceit, that you are pulling a “fast one”

There is an article in the Everyday Feminism about,
7 Myths About ‘Stealth’ Transexuals That Undermine Valid Choices
By James St. James
April 9, 2015

1. Being Stealth Isn’t Possible
In sum, being stealth is incredibly possible, especially to those of us with passing privilege.

That being said, in some ways, being stealth isn’t possible – but I mean that in the sense of the rascally government.
And let me tell you, it’s quite maddening to pass as a man during a great job interview, only for a recruiter to get all dopey and awkward when the background check comes back.
And that is the rub, no matter how hard you try to lose your paper trail it is impossible. I knew someone who went to extraordinary measures to erase her past only to have a reporter call her says that he was doing a story on why people change their names. He said that he wondered why she had changed her name from John Doe to Jane Doe.
2. Anyone Can Live Stealth If They Try Hard Enough
3. Not everybody has passing privilege, and not everybody should have to have passing privilege.
Not everyone has the physical looks to integrate in to society, I know a trans woman who is six foot six, has large bone structure and wears a size 14 women’s shoe.

The following I believe is not true, people integrate in to society for a number of reasons and not all of them are these…
4. Living Stealth Means You’re Ashamed of Being Trans5. Being Stealth Means We Want to Be Cis
Living “stealth” means only you don’t go around with a sign on you saying “I’m trans.” 99.999% of the time no one knows that I’m trans, but that doesn’t mean that I’m “stealth” what it means is that I just want be me and I don’t advertise the fact that I am trans. But at the same time I will not deny the fact that I’m trans and if you Google me there is no doubt that I’m trans.

Okay, about the word “stealth” as I mentioned before, I think it has a very negative connotation and I like the word integrate better. If you look up definition of the word it is,
: to combine (two or more things) to form or create something
: to make (something) a part of another larger thing
: to make (a person or group) part of a larger group or organization
And that is much closer to what we want, to be a part of a larger group, “I live integrated” rather than “I live stealth.”

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