Sunday, April 12, 2015

I Wish Them Luck

But somehow I don’t think it will happen,
Airline Unions Blast Gulf Carriers
Boston Edge
By Heather Cassell
Bay Area Reporter
Sunday Apr 12, 2015

Airline unions and flight attendants are making an unprecedented move toward equality in the air in the ongoing battle to level the playing field in Open Skies agreements.
The airline unions are working on including human and labor rights in the agreement being negotiated with Norwegian Air International as a part of the European Union-United States Open Skies agreement, he said.

The fight is also focusing on Middle East airlines.
He wasn't sure if there were any LGBT-identified cabin crew members, but the airlines headquarters are centralized in countries with strong anti-gay laws. To work for these airlines is to go deep into the closet "setting us back decades in the work that we've had to do as cabin crew," he said.
Somehow I don’t think that I would want to work for a company from a country where they behead me. It would make me slightly nervous everyone I was in the country.

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