Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Good Day

Yesterday was one of those days that ended on the plus side of the register.

As many of you know I volunteer twice a week at a health collective as their trans advocate. Most of the time I sit around reading my Kindle and once or twice a day I get a phone call from a trans person looking for a trans friendly doctor or where they can find an endo, but once in a while I get to help a trans person with paperwork to change their documentation. Yesterday was one of those days, a young trans woman came in wanting help with the paperwork for the Probate Court. It also turned out that she was going to be homeless in a couple of days, had no health insurance for hormones, and hasn’t had any luck in finding work (I think it was because all her documentation still said male and she is a very presentable woman).

So after we filled out the court documents I contacted some social worker friends and managed to set her up with an appointment to talk to a case worker.

Then in the evening I went over to the NASW (National Association of Social Workers) CT office to help stuff bags for their Friday conference where I am giving a workshop on cultural competency (which is filled up with 40 attendees). After we stuffed the bag we sat and talked about families, vacations and work over pizza.

Today there is a meeting in the morning for the Community Research Alliance, a group of non-profits that help researchers with their research projects and subjects. At the last meeting we suggested adding questions about LGBT status to a research projects studying seniors that are addicts. But just adding three questions they can capture important data on LGBT people who are part of their study.

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