Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It Is Hard To Be A Trans Kid In State Custody

We have seen it here in Connecticut with Jane Doe, a teenage trans woman that is being held in a male correctional facility, states do not know what to do with trans youth in their custody.
Juvenile hall’s detainee shares experience of being transgender with Bruce Jenner
Maine News Online
Written by Kimberly McArthur
29 Apr 2015

A detainee at juvenile hall asked Bruce Jenner that 'I'm transgender, do you have anything for me?' Jenner said that at first he was momentarily stunned by the question. Bruce Jenner answered the detainee, 'Yes, I do'. He took a lifetime to talk about it in open.

Jenner said that the meeting took place in March, a month before his two-hour tell-all on ABC. He assumed that the young person was seeking words of wisdom. The teens belonged to a male unit at juvenile hall.
Jenner said that though he left the detention center but the young ward stayed with him emotionally. He said that he imagined very well that how rough it must be in lockdown in a male unit, let alone on the mean streets.
States just don’t know what to do with transgender prisoners, many states house them in solitary confinement which is normally reserved as a punishment for inmates who get into trouble in prison. But trans inmates are housed there “to keep them safe” or in other words it is the easiest way to get trans people out of the hair.

But it is even worst for juveniles because either the trans women are put in a male prison or they are put into isolation wards. When they are put into the general population trans kids are subject to bullying and harassment and are more likely to get into fights defending themselves. And if they are put into isolation then they don’t develop proper social skills.

By the way, DCF (Department of Children and Families) won. The news media moved on from covering the protests and now Jane Doe in still in the male juvenile detention facility and she is going to “age out of the system” in the fall when she turns 18.

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