Friday, April 24, 2015

I'm In Two Places At Once

Right now I am at a TV studio doing an interview on Bruce Jenner and our Trans Health & law Conference. I originally turned them down saying,
We each transition in our own way and I am not comfortable talking about another person's journey. We follow our own path, there is no right or wrong way to transition and I feel uncomfortable discussing another person's transition.
But we worked out questions that are mutually acceptable, so right now I'm sitting in a studio probably nervous as hell.

As I said, I will not talk about Jenner transition, but I will talk about transition in general.

# # # # #

Meanwhile, I did another interview a couple of Wednesdays ago that is being shown tonight on the 11 o'clock news. That interview went very well and it last about forty-five minutes and included a walk int he park.

# # # # #

My afternoon post will be about my studio experience.

# # # # #

The morning show was cancelled. Yay! I got bumped because of "breaking news," I wasn't looking forward to a live interview.


  1. Which TV stations interviewed you? (I want to watch the interviews.)

  2. Watching Bruce tonight, I was overwhelmed with the desire to hold him. His humanity so touched me.

    I thought of you. Your honesty on this blog introduced me to this subject. Thank you.