Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Where Is The Outrage?

Wow! The way so many people, companies, and politician all came together to protest the Indiana  “Religious Freedom” law was amazing! But… where is the outrage about the states that are trying to pass “No Pee” laws for trans people?

There is an article in the Chicago Tribune about how the residents of Indiana are embarrassed about their state,
Lately, the quiet heartland state best known for corn and car racing has become a bulls-eye for American judgment, a magnet for boycotts, a punching bag for late-night comics. Insults have proliferated across the Internet: "Now entering Indiana," read one viral meme. "Please turn back your clocks 200 years."

"I love Indiana. I was born in Indiana. All my friends are in Indiana," native son David Letterman quipped on the "Late Show." "But I think Indiana's gone nuts."
But Hoosiers everywhere feel embarrassed and misunderstood. On Facebook, they post impassioned pleas: Don't believe what you've heard. On the streets of Indianapolis, they strike up friendlier than usual conversations with visiting basketball fans. And at the Indianapolis International Airport, they've draped a big blue banner that reads "Indy Welcomes All."

"If only they could see who we really are, our Midwest hospitality," said Scott Prather, a 24-year-old nursing student who was born and raised in the city. "Everyone talking badly about us needs to come visit."
As I said it was amazing how public opinion was able to get the law modified to ban the use of the law to discriminate against LGBT people, but why are not the people in Texas, Florida, Missouri, and Kentucky embarrassed about their states? Why isn’t there an outcry about the bills to ban trans people from using public bathrooms?

Have you heard one company say they are going to ban travel to any state that passes those laws? have you heard one governor saying their banning travel there? 

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