Saturday, April 11, 2015

An Observation

Over the years I have done hundreds of outreaches at colleges around the state and there is a trend that I noticed. There is no scientific research that I know of other than what I have noticed and that is men in the classes that I do the outreach don’t ask questions. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule but in general most of the questions come from the women in the class and it seems more so for undergraduates than graduate students.

I do not the dynamics involved, I don’t know if they don’t ask question regularly in class or it is because of the topic (gender identity/expression) and the fear of being too inquisitive on the topic and being labeled a closet gay.

The worst outreach that I ever did was for a sports medical class, the class was all jocks and they didn’t ask a single question. They all sat there with their arms folder and legs spread in a typical “male dominance” posture. For the whole class the other trans woman that I was doing the outreach with, we asked each other questions.

I do not know if is because society has taught them that it is not “macho” to be inquisitive or what but I seems like it hurts them.

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  1. Interesting insight. I wonder if they think asking questions might make people wonder about their LGBT status?