Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday 9: Neon Lights

Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: Neon Lights (2013)
Every Saturday I take time off from written on serious topics to have some fun…

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Think of a neon sign you pass by often. What does it say?
“Open” in bright blue letters with a red circle around the letters

2) In the video for this song, Demi Lovato spends a great deal of time in the water. When is the last time you swam?
This past summer up at the lake. I usually don't swim when the lakes are frozen over.

3) The song encourages us to "look up at the sky." OK, we will. How does the sky look where you are today?
Bright blue and sunny.

4) Demi is a contributing editor for Seventeen magazine. When she was in junior high school, Crazy Sam eagerly awaited each new issue of Seventeen. When you were younger, what magazine(s) did you read regularly?
National Geographic

5) Demi is an investor in the company that makes Texas Tea, a bottled beverage available at Whole Foods. Do you have any tea in your kitchen right now?
Ha! I probably have about twenty different flavors of tea and I also buy in bulk.

6) Demi is currently on tour, performing halfway around the world in Australia and New Zealand. Have you ever had a job that required travel?
Yes, and I hated it. I’m a homebody, I didn’t like spending a week out of a suitcase and working in strange locations. One time we were installing a transmitter at a hospital and I was up on top of the elevator shaft (with a safety harness on) looking down a 6 story elevator shaft while stringing coax cable to the roof.

7) Demi had a recurring role on the show Glee. That show's series finale aired last month. Is there a show that's no longer on that you miss?

8) Fast-growing fast food chain Chipotle reports that their top sellers include a burrito bowl with steak or chicken, salad with chili-corn salsa, and a soft taco. Which of these would you order?
They opened a Chipotle in town a couple of years ago and I tried it once and didn’t like it. I like the little family run Mexican restaurant in Hartford and I usually order a Fajitas Coyote or a chicken Quesadilla Linda. Hmmm… it reminds me that I need to stop by there sometime soon for lunch, I haven’t been there for awhile.

9) What beverage would you like to enjoy with your burrito bowl, taco or salad?
I used to order a Snapple or a Margarita but now I have cutout the juices so I either have water or a Margarita.

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I might be a little sluggish in responding today because I am going to a play tonight at the Hartford Stage  but first I have work to do with planning a conference next Saturday... speaking of which I miss next Saturday's meme because of it. 


  1. There is no real Mexican food around here so I'm always excited to go somewhere that does have Mexican.

  2. Your former traveling job sounds terrifying.

  3. I use to read National Geographic. I always felt like I had to keep them and it got out of hand.

  4. A margarita better for you than juice? (Doesn't it contain lime juice? ... and cactus juice? :)

  5. What play are you seeing tonight? Enjoy!

    I think i'm the only non-tea person?

  6. Bev, yes it does contain lime juice but lime juice has very little carbohydrates in it. It is juices like orange, cranberry, grape and other juices that have an extremely high levels of carbs.

  7. That was one very scary coax cable run. Mr. Z used to climb poles, and he actually liked it but he wouldn't have liked that job. In our family, there were lots of great Mexican cooks like my grandma, who taught me, so I know what you mean about authentic flavors.