Thursday, October 28, 2021

When Is A Hurricane Not A Hurricane?

When it is a Nor’easter.

I wrote yesterday post Tuesday night, the wind was howling for over ten hours already, it was around nine o’clock at night but I thought the storm would be over by morning. That it was winding down, but it was winding alright but up not down!

Those of us who live in the northeast know about the storm with the funny name, Nor’easter. But instead it was coming back for a second round worst than the first, the meteorologist call it a retrograde storm it means that the storm is spinning around in the North Atlantic. Instead of the storm moving south to north a retrograde storm moves north to south.

I woke without power the house was silent, no refrigerator that was the first clue, the second clue the WiFi was down, the third clue was I had zero bars on my phone. When I looked out the lawn was riddled with small and large branches, everything was plastered with wet leaves. So I decided it was time to retreat back to Connecticut where there was city water.

The wind was still blowing hard, I estimate it was a constant 30 or 40 mph. Just about everywhere were without power, route 6 was open but there were downed trees pushed to the side of the road or cut to clear the road. Eversource the electric company report 98 percent of Wellfleet was without power.

The Wicked Local reported that,
Eversource was reporting at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday a power outage of 99% of customers in Provincetown, and an 85% outage in Truro and an 80% outage in Wellfleet, following high winds that swept through the outermost towns of Cape Cod overnight.

The company was in the area working on ending the outages, the town of Provincetown reported at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Unofficial wind gusts of 83 miles per hour at 2:25 a.m. Wednesday in Wellfleet were reported by the National Weather Service. Within a few minutes, gusts of 80 miles per hour in Truro were reported and gusts of 63 miles per hour in Provincetown.

Strong gusts were expected to diminish on Wednesday as the storm leaves the area on Thursday, according to information from the town of Provincetown. Some roads have storm damage due to downed trees.
Keep in mind that winds above 74 mph are considered hurricane force winds!

This comes on the…
This Week’s Nor’easter Comes on the 30th Anniversary of the “Perfect Storm”
But don't expect a sequel.
Boston Magazine
By Spencer Buell
October 26, 2021

Batten down the hatches, and the gaudy 12-foot-tall yard skeletons: a spooktacular nor’easter is rolling across the Northeast. It’ll land in Boston just before Halloween and the 30th anniversary of perhaps the most famous late-October meteorological events in New England history.

That’s right, as Boston prepares for heavy wind and rain this week, it’s time once again to remember the so-called Perfect Storm, which battered the East Coast in late October and early November of 1991, inflicting severe damage on coastal Massachusetts and killing the crew of a fishing vessel called the Andrea Gail.

Yes, Yankees are all too familiar with Nor’easter, hurricanes pass through in a matter of hours and is 50 – 60 miles wide, Nor’easters take days and is all of New England wide.

I have an hour Zoom meeting this morning and a two hour zoom meeting this afternoon.

This morning's meeting is a panel discussion by the CHRO on trans athletes, I am on the panel with the head of the Connecticut chapter of the ACLU, the head of the CIAC (Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference), and is moderated by a lawyer from the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunity and then there little ol' me.

The afternoon meeting is with the legislative LGBTQ Health and Human Services Network.

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