Monday, October 18, 2021

Fan Fair Day 1

I ran around all morning having copies made of my syllabus for my workshop, the nearest copier store is down in Orleans and then back up to Provincetown. I meet a couple of fair goers that I knew and stopped to say “Hi” and then in the Boatslip to register

I then when back up to P’town for the welcoming reception.

I wrote that just before I headed out the door planning on writing the rest it the morning about the reception… then I got a stabbing pain in my stomach.

I have two thoughts, one it was the steak that I thawed out during the day but I cooked it medium. The other is the apple cider. I don’t think that it was the apple cider per se, but rather that I had two big glasses of the stuff with a cider donut. Whatever it was I decided to stick close to the cottage for the night. Hmm, then again it could be the raspberries... the more that I think about it my money is moving to the raspberries. 

I give my first workshop at 3 PM, the rest will be morning workshops. 


Stomach is still a little queasy when I woke up this morning.

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