Friday, October 22, 2021

Fantasia Fair Day ???? Hmm, I Forgot.

 Ah… Day 5.

The day started pretty good, I found the parking space available again however there was no TV! So back up the stairs to the front desk, “Oh they had a function in the room last night and moved it out of the way.”

I had one person show up and an email from another saying that they couldn’t make it because of a conflict. Then another person showed up, she was from COS! She said that I talked about FanFair so much that her and her wife decided to come up and see for themselves.

It was back to Tin Pan Ally for lunch again, I sat with a young trans man from Albany way and also with a couple who have been coming to the Fair for a couple of years. Then my friends from over by the Catskills who I had lunch with yesterday came. We all had the applewood BLT except the trans man who had a veggie burger. I have going to Tin Pan Ally whenever I meet someone, cocktails in the afternoon sitting overlooking the harbor,

Then grocery shopping to pick up some things that I forgot yesterday.

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