Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Fantasia Fair Day 2

I woke up with my stomach doing flip-flops, it calmed during the day and I did my workshop with no problems stomach wise. But there was no TV to show a PowerPoint… a SNAFU. But the motel took care of the problem and by the end of the workshop I had a TV.

There were three people who showed up and hopefully it will increase during the week as the word spread.

At night there was the Epic Reunion Banquet & Dance Party at the Crown & Anchor with a turkey dinner. Mondays usual low attendance because only a few can go the for the whole week so there were a number of empty seats. Sadly my stomach started acting up again so I left early.

When I first stepped out to work for the gender inclusive non-discrimination bill, the were a lot of faces  that I knew sitting at the table but there was also a lot of faces that I didn’t know sitting at the table. One of them was a feisty fiery lesbian and I noticed when she talked people around the table listen, that was my first introduction to Shawn Lang.

Over the years our paths crossed many times, I did panel discussions with her, and we traveled around the state doing presentations for homeless shelters for trans residents. There are only a handful of non-trans people who I think can talk about trans issues and she was one of them, she got it!

Politicians on both sides of the aisle respected her, they might not agree with her but they knew that she spoke from the heart.

So I felt great sadness when I heard of her passing. We lost a great caring person who will be sorely missed, she spoke up when she saw injustice.

Governor Lamont issued this statement…

Governor Lamont Statement on the Passing of Shawn Lang

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today released the following statement regarding the passing of longtime Connecticut activist Shawn Lang:

“There is no doubt that Shawn Lang has made a lasting impact on Connecticut. She dedicated her life toward giving a voice for the underrepresented and those in marginalized communities, and I am confident that generations to come will benefit from her advocacy. I extend my deepest condolences to her family and friends. While her passing comes with incredible sadness, I am thankful that Connecticut has had someone as passionate and dedicated as her working to make our state more welcoming and more accessible for everyone.”

This year we lost to great activists who made a lasting impact on Connecticut, Shawn and Jerimarie.

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