Thursday, October 14, 2021

Not All Religions Are Anti-Trans

There are affirming religions who stand by us, there are Christians, Jewish, Muslim denominations that have stood by us. Don’t let the radical right define all religions.
Meet the minister fighting anti-transgender bills in Texas
The Rev. Remington Johnson has fought tirelessly to stop bills targeting trans youths from passing in Texas while supporting a community of other activists.
NBC News
By Jo Yurcaba
October 7, 2021

Trans youths in the state have been the targets this year of more than 50 bills that would restrict their participation in sports or ban them from gaining access to certain health care, among other restrictions.

Cothron was leading the crowd in a chant, but she started to get tired. So she asked the Rev. Remington Johnson, a Presbyterian clergywoman and a fellow activist, to take the bullhorn.

Johnson, a trans woman who has testified almost a half-dozen times against anti-trans bills, had shown up that day riding a longboard, wearing hot pink shorts and carrying a huge trans flag, Cothron recalled. She took the bullhorn, and the first thing she said was: “Trans kids are magical.”

Cothron, who has an 8-year-old child who is nonbinary, said the moment has stuck with her.
Rabbis, ministers, and priests stood by us for our fight to pass the non-discrimination law including an Episcopal Bishop.

Besides the Presbyterian minster who’s trans I know of another trans women who is Episcopal priest who is in charge of the parish.

Don’t paint all religions with a wide brush.

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