Sunday, April 01, 2012

This Is So Sad…

Transgender kills self after parents oppose sex change operation
Times of India
Apr 1, 2012

CHENNAI: A 23-year-old transgender committed suicide by consuming poison at Thiruverkadu on Friday after his parents allegedly opposed his plans to undergo a sex change operation . Police said that his parents had been shocked by his revelation that he was a transgender.
I am always so sadden when I hear that parents cannot accept their child for who they are. The denial of their love can have tragic consequences. As humans we cherish love, it is what allows us to survive, without love of our parents, siblings, lovers and friends we shrivel up and die on the inside.

At the banquet that I went to last night, a friend just got a phone call from her daughter who hadn’t spoken to her since her transition. It turned out that she had the wrong email address and my friend thought she had abandoned her when she never heard back from her daughter. About five or six years ago at a support group a friend came up to me crying, her lesbian daughter said she didn’t want anything to do with her. Now they are back together again as parent and daughter and are closer than they were before. It took time but sometimes that’s all it takes.

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