Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thank You All

Thank you all who attended the conference, for without you there would be no conference.

Thank you all who gave workshops, for without you there would be no conference.

We have another fabulous conference again this year and we saw many old faces as well as many new faces this year. This year I did two workshop, one with one of my former professors and the other a friend from the CT Department of Education, and we had about 20 – 25 people attend each workshop. My first workshop was “Working with Gender Variant Clients” and was with my former professor who is also a therapist who works with trans-clients. He did the therapy part and I added my personal experiences. The other workshop was with the head of the Dept. of Ed, Office of Civil Rights and our workshop was the rights of trans-students under federal and state laws. I covered the current legislation while my partner covered the policies. In both workshops when I glanced at the evaluation forms we received high marks for our presentation.

Last I want to thank everyone at the CTAC for the award that they gave me; I am speechless and greatly honored. The award reads…
The Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition recognizes Diana _______ for her many years of dedication and commitment to the trans community


  1. Diana,

    I hope the award says dedication and not DEADication as the blog shows. We want you to stay around for a while longer :)


  2. Congratulations, Diana! You deserve this honor!!!!


  3. Wonderful and so well deserved for you, Diana! Congratulations.