Sunday, April 08, 2012

Saturday Six Episode #417

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six Episode #417

1. How did you come up with the name of your primary blog?
I wanted a name that reflected standind on a soapbox and expressing my views.

2. List the links of all of the blogs you currently write.
Nope. I have two blogs and the second blog is about a serious medical problem that I recently found out that I have and I don’t want to connect it with my other blog. I’m going to discuss personal things about myself on that blog.
However, I do have a website...

3. Have you ever been dared to do something completely outrageous, and did you actually accept the dare? (You don’t have to specify what the dare was unless you want to.)
When I was a teenager.

4. What grocery store aisle do you tend to have the most difficulty avoiding?
The soda & chips aisle. They are now off limits.

5. You’re going to pay to see a movie in a theater: are you more likely to want to see a comedy, a drama, an action movie or a “chick flick?”
A “chick flick”, there is nothing like a good cry. However, I also like a good mystery movie as long as it is not gory. When I watch a show like CSI on television, I usually tune in five, ten minutes late because all the gory parts are over.

6. Have you ever accidentally referred to a current date with an ex’s name?
Nope, dates are few and far between.

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