Monday, April 30, 2012

Positive Role Models

When I was growing up, there were no positive role models for us. We were the butt of jokes, the psycho killers in movies, but times are changing.

We now have doctors, lawyer, engineers, professors and even social workers who are trans. We have high level government officials that are trans. We have movie and television personalities that are trans, we are everywhere!
Victoria Cruz, Latina Transgender, Given Award From Justice Department For Her Work With Abuse Victims
The Huffington Post
By Laura Steiner
Posted: 04/27/2012

The Justice Department's National Crime Victim Service Award honors individuals and programs that provide services to victims of crime. Many of the service providers were at one time victims themselves.

Such is the case of Victoria Cruz, a transgender activist and counselor for domestic abuse, who was a recipient of the 2012 award.
"For me it's very humbling [to win this award] and I'm honored, but to me all of this is also very healing,” said Cruz. "When I see someone get the help that they need, I also get the help and I'm always glad that I'm able to help someone."

"This award is very positive. It makes the invisible, very visible. It allows our community to know the services that are there for them, to show our community that when they are in darkness they can always come to light."

We are making a difference. We are bringing about change. One person at a time.

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