Monday, April 23, 2012

Somehow I Don’t Think This Is Good

A legislator wants a special rehab center for transgender individuals. On the surface this sounds like it might be a good idea until you find out where.
Kuwait Times

KUWAIT:  Kuwait should set up rehabilitation centers to treat cases of gender identity disorder, helping prevent cross-dressers and transgendered people from being abused, a parliament member suggested.
“The law that penalizes imitation of the opposite sex is being applied in an improper manner,” said MP Dr Adel Al-Damkhi, further explaining that those that flout the law “are often subjected to abuse during arrest, during investigations as well as during confinement when they are jailed with other inmates.”
Instead,  Al-Damkhi believes that sending ‘imitators’ directly to rehabilitation centers will help avoid abuse, as well as “receive treatment for their conditions.”
Meanwhile, Dr Al-Damkhi noted that the committee will discuss a proposal to establish a ‘center to treat negative practices and enforce values’ in society.

What is the treatment for “negative practices and enforce values” electro convulsive therapy? Brain washing? Aversion therapy?

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