Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Six Episode #418

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six Episode #418

1. When do you first recall learning about the Titanic disaster?
Oh, way, way long time ago. After all I’m in my 60s, but then they use to teach it in schools.
(Read my blog tomorrow, I’m going to post about a person in town who was on the Titanic.)

2. When did you first watch the motion picture Titanic?
I think I watched the 1953 movie on television and the same for the 1997 movie. I never saw them in the movies.

3. Would you feel any superstition about boarding a ship that was so confidently branded as “unsinkable”?
Nope, no qualms what so ever.

4. Have you ever been on a cruise? If so, where did you go?
I never have been on a cruise and I have no desire to do so.

5. If you could go on a cruise to any location on a luxury ship, which area would you most choose?
I do not like the entrainment that they have on cruise, I don’t like night clubs or dinner theater shows. Also, if I get bored it is not like you could get up and leave.

6. A handful of intended passengers had some change of plans that kept them off of the ship prior to its launch. Have you ever experienced such a “lucky break” that kept you out of an ill-fated trip?
Nope. All my vacations have not had any problems, except for my cousin’s car breaking down in Asheville NC and I had to rent a car to get home in time.

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