Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday Six – Episode 339

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six – Episode 339

1. You order takeout from a favorite restaurant. You’re at the counter paying for your dinner by credit card and the host hands you the charge slip that includes a blank for a tip. Do you leave one for takeout?
No. However, ever a couple of times I have left a tip. The local Italian restaurant has a pick-up window in the kitchen and when I had a class that got out at 6, I used to call my order in when I left class. One of the cooks used male pronouns and the other cook called me miss and used female pronouns. So when ever he waited on me, I left a tip and I didn’t when the other cook waited on me. After a couple of week he started using the proper pronouns and I started leaving him a tip. Of course now I’m stuck leaving a tip. But my little experiment in social engineering worked.

2. You’re having dinner at a restaurant you’ve never visited before and you receive poor service, a wrong item on your plate and you have an inattentive waiter. Do you leave a tip anyway, or would you leave nothing?
I don’t know, I guess it would be situation that you would have to evaluate on the spot. If I didn’t leave a tip, maybe a talk to her about why I didn’t would be warranted.

3. You’re under the weather and you decide to make a doctor’s appointment: how likely are you to search the web for your symptoms and walk in with your own diagnosis already in hand (or in mind)?
Been there, done that. I had a black spot that looked very suspicious and when I googled it, I found out it could be either melanoma or something benign, but it said, get ye to the doctor. When the dermatologist looked at it, he wanted to do a biopsy immediately and he seemed concerned… not good. Well when the biopsy came back, it was an old bruise that was clotted. Whew!

4. You see a drug ad on television promoting a “miracle cure” for a condition you know you have. How likely are you to contact your doctor and ask about that specific medication?


5. A cell phone company sells you a phone that fails to do something you feel is basic. They advertise a money-back guarantee, but the fine print says there’s a $35 “restocking fee” for returning the phone. How much are you likely to fight that charge because of the phone’s inability to do what you need it to do?
Very, it is not like you just wasn’t happy with the phone, it is not doing something that it should be doing. I would tell them fix it or cancel the contract.

6. You decide to buy a new computer, and there are two computer stores in town: one has low prices and an almost-absent sales floor staff, and the other has higher prices but very friendly, helpful staffers. You decide to get information from the well-informed staff at the more expensive store. If you knew you could save 25% or so by going to the cheaper store, how likely would you be to buy from the more expensive store that gives you better service?
Hmmm… do you live in my town? That is what we have here in town, a big box store and a locally owned and operated store. I went with the local store, they had better service.

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