Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leave it to the French…

A trans-woman in France was told that she was not a woman because her breast didn’t measure up.
France tells trans woman her breasts don't measure up

By Jane Fae
June 11, 2010
If your breasts don’t measure up – you just can’t be a “proper” woman. If you thought such archaic attitudes had long since disappeared, think again: in a recent ruling, French authorities declared that before trans woman Delphine Ravisé-Giard could be classed as a woman, she needed to provide written evidence that she had undergone breast enhancement.
The story starts in 2007, when Ms Ravisé-Giard transitioned: she is a long-term and serving member of the French Air forces, as well as national co-ordinator for Trans Aide. She takes hormones but speaking to this morning, she explained that she does not see the question of her gender as being defined by whether or not she has had specific surgery either to augment her breasts or to modify her face.
In an official statement, the justice minister indicated that “gender re-assignment surgery should not be required as a matter of course” when the petitioner is able to prove that they are undergoing other treatments designed to bring about the appearance of a change of gender.

That should have been that – but on returning to court, Delphine suffered a further setback, this time at the hands of the Chief Prosecutor in Nancy. As far as that court is concerned you need breasts to be a woman: and they need to be of a size and permanence that satisfies the French legal establishment to qualify.
It figures, for the French its all a matter of boobs.

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  1. Wow, I'm not sure if I should laugh, cry, roll my eyes, or shake my head because I'm busy picking my jaw up off the floor over this unbelievably misoginistic ruling!

    One has to wonder if the French legal system judges GG's are not women because their breasts aren't large enough, or if a man isn't a man if he isn't well enough endowed to meet some arbitrary standard of femininity or mascvlinity as dictated by them?!?