Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Six – Episode 342

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six – Episode 342

1. Barack Obama ran on a theme of change. Overall, how much in Washington do you think has actually changed?
I think that despite the Republican opposition, he has made great gains. He passed health care reform, he was able to reduce the deficit from Bush’s 1.41 trillion dollars to 1.29 trillion dollars with a projected 2011 deficit 1.07 trillion dollars. He passed the Hate crime bill and he hired a number of trans-persons to high level government positions.

2. Is the country better off when one party has the White House and the other has a majority in Congress, or are we generally better off when one party has a majority in both at the same time?
Well it depends on which party. I believe we are better off with the Democrats in power, I believe in a balance of countervailing powers. That you need a certain amount of regulations, while the Republicans want to do away with regulatory agencies. In addition, Republicans do not support Human Rights.

3. What’s the biggest fear you have related to health care?
That the Republicans will do away with it.

4. Should the government be able to operate in the red, or should Congress be forced to balance its budget every year?
Yes, I believe you spend in a depression and you cut back spending during an inflation

5. Are you more likely or less likely to re-elect incumbents this time around?

6. Are you more likely or less likely to vote for the opposite party you voted for in 2008?
No! I predict that if the Republicans gain control of Congress, they will try to impeach President Obama, try to repeal the 14th Amendment and privatize Social Security.

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