Friday, October 29, 2010

Saturday 9: Elected

Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: Elected

1. Many of my friends have commented they cannot discuss politics with co-workers, family, friends and others without conflict rearing its ugly head. Do you feel you can talk with your family and friends about this particularly divisive election?
Some members of my family agree with my views and some do not, while most of my friends agree with my views

2. Do you know who you're voting for in next week's election? How did you decide?
Yes, I’m not going to vote for the party that went from a 800 million dollar surplus to a 1.4 trillion deficit and drove us in to a depression. The party that believes that millionaires should get tax breaks.

3. What do you think is the most important issue in next Tuesday's election?
The economy.

4. Can you go a day without laughing?

I do now.

5. Do you think that you can chose who you want to love?

Nope, its chemistry and we don’t chose what gender to love either.

6. Have you ever been on stage? For what?
Yes, and on television and on the radio. For Human Rights and Equality.

7. Would you ever live in a different country? If yes, where?
Nope, I like the U.S.

8. Any plans for Halloween?
Yes, hibernate.

9. The last costume that you wore, what was it and why did you choose it?
I was a hippie girl with a flower in her hair. Because I had a tie dyed skirt and peasant blouse.


  1. Loved your #2 :)

    Have a great day!

  2. yes, I love your #2. #9 sounds like a cute costume! have a good weekend!

  3. Hibernating is always a good plan! Happy Orange Day!

  4. Awww, it's sad that you go a day without laughter.