Sunday, December 03, 2023

They Believe It!

And that is what is scary, that they think we are doing this.
A Republican aide has claimed that LGBTQ+ organisations are training eight-year-old children how to use b**t plugs and d**dos.
Pink News Archives
By Emily Chudy
September 14, 2023

In a recently resurfaced speech, Erin Mazzoni, who reportedly works for the campaign of Franklin, Tennessee Republican mayoral candidate Gabrielle Hanson, alleged that children are being given sex toys by LGBTQ+ activists.

Mazzoni told a meeting of the Franklin Board of Mayor and Aldermen earlier this that she’d moved to Tennessee from Bucks County, in Pennsylvania, after apparently discovering that an LGBTQ+ organisation was teaching children how to use sex toys, which, she claimed, caused the community to “fall apart”.

Between sobs, she said: “It started out as Pride coming in, and I thought everything would be OK. It ended with a Rainbow Room where eight to 12-year-old kids were given butt plugs and dildos and trained.
They believe the lies! That was why there is so much violence against us. Politicians, and right-wing rabble all spread the lies.
Mazzoni’s speech is just part of a movement to paint the queer community as “groomers” or “pedophiles”, with research showing the use of the “groomer” slur has been increasing on X. 

In 2022, a report by the Human Rights Campaign and Center for Countering Digital Hate found that a rise in use of the word could be linked to the passing of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay legislation. 

The owner of Colorado queer bar Club Q, in which five people were shot dead in November, even blamed the slur for a rise in real-life violence aimed at LGBTQ+ people.
This is why Pizzagate happened and still happening! This is why a gunman opened fire at a pizza store in Washington D.C., the results of all the lies.
A new iteration of "pizzagate" has focused on unfounded claims that journalists were part of the conspiracy theory.
NBC News
By Ben Goggin
November 28, 2023

Elon Musk continued to boost a debunked conspiracy theory Tuesday, posting and later deleting a meme on X that referred to a fringe, far-right claim that sought to connect members of the Democratic Party with child abuse. 

Musk wrote “does seem at least a little suspicious” alongside a meme drawing from the TV show “The Office,” which included fake dialogue superimposed on images of a character arguing that “Pizzagate is real,” a reference to a conspiracy theory that gained traction in 2016 and culminated with a North Carolina man’s opening fire in a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant. NBC News reviewed the post before it was taken down.


Since Nov. 20, Musk has responded to tweets referring to pizzagate four other times. The posts are a recent iteration of the debunked theory focused on unfounded insinuations that journalists were part of the conspiracy theory.
They spread all these lies and as a result there has been an increased in bias crimes.
A few months ago, New York politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has described the slur as disgusting, and pointed out that most of the perpetrators of sexual assaults and harassment are straight men.

“If you ask a lot of women about the first time they encountered [sexual harassment], they will often say 11, 12, 13, 14 years old,” she said.

“When you actually look at who is committing this abuse, it’s majority straight men.

“Many of these disgusting and insinuating attacks on trans and LGBT people are actually projections of what predatory cisgender, and often straight, men do when left in the presence of women.”
Their animosity against us make sense if you realize the right-wing conservatives are still living in the 1950s when they thought that we decided to be trans or gay. There belief in Rapid Onset of Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) makes sense if you realize that choose being LGBTQ+.

The governor of Florida made some vile comments about trans students when he talked about the fired school employees according the the Miami Herald,
It was with unnecessary and great cruelty that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration weighed in on the removal of five employees at a Broward County high school over a transgender female athlete’s participation in sports. 

DeSantis has gone above and beyond to vilify LGBTQ+ people in the past two years, except this time the perceived enemy isn’t an amorphous class of people. It is a trans student at a particular school in a particular community. A student whom DeSantis not only banned via state law from playing girls’ sports, but whose dignity his administration denies by refusing to recognize her by the gender with which she has identified since she was a small child.
Why oh why do they hate us so much?

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