Monday, December 04, 2023

Their True Colors

How does that saying go?
"He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas"

Well went you get into bed with neo-Nazis you are going to get fleas.
Some members of the committee said such a ban, proposed two months after a prominent conservative activist was caught meeting with a famous white supremacist, might be a “slippery slope” or too vague.
Texas Tribune 
December 2, 2023

Two months after a prominent conservative activist and fundraiser was caught hosting white supremacist Nick Fuentes, leaders of the Republican Party of Texas have voted against barring the party from associating with known Nazi sympathizers and Holocaust deniers.

In a 32-29 vote on Saturday, members of the Texas GOP’s executive committee stripped a pro-Israel resolution of a clause that would have included the ban. In a separate move that stunned some members, roughly half of the board also tried to prevent a record of their vote from being kept.

In rejecting the proposed ban, the executive committee's majority delivered a serious blow to a faction of members that has called for the party to confront its ties to groups that have recently employed or associated with outspoken white supremacists and extremists.

In October, The Texas Tribune published photos of Fuentes, an avowed admirer of Adolf Hitler who has called for a “holy war” against Jews, entering and leaving the offices of Pale Horse Strategies, a consulting firm for far-right candidates and movements.
They say actions speak louder than words, this is both action and words.
Pale Horse Strategies is owned by Jonathan Stickland, a former state representative and at the time the leader of a political action committee, Defend Texas Liberty, that two West Texas oil billionaires have used to fund right-wing movements, candidates and politicians in the state — including Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Attorney General Ken Paxton.
Doesn’t it seem like a big circle. Billionaires buy up media outlets, give millions to PAC, and push right-wing propaganda that gets their base all relied to donate and vote.
Rinaldi abstained from voting on the ban, but briefly argued that antisemitism is not a serious problem on the right before questioning what it would mean to "tolerate" those who espouse it. "I don't see any antisemitic, pro-Nazi or Holocaust denial movement on the right that has any significant traction whatsoever," he said.

Supporters of the ban disagreed. They noted that the language was already a compromise, didn’t specifically name any group or individual and would lend credence to resolutions in which the Texas GOP has generally condemned antisemitism and restated its support for Israel.
The other thing to remember is that 99% of the people see it as anti-Semitic but these far right-wing conservative don’t. Bigots never think that they are bigots.

The committee ultimately passed the resolution without the provision, according to the Rome News-Tribune, a local newspaper.

Rolando Garcia, a committee member who drafted the language, said its removal "sends a disturbing message."

"We're not specifying any individual or association," Garcia said, according to The Tribune. "This is simply a statement of principle."

The Texas GOP did not immediately return a request for comment from Business Insider.
They show their true colors, their words action speaks louder than words.

On the Yahoo News version, one commenter wrote:
I am surprised the ground beneath our feet is not shaking from the motion of the brave men and women who died fighting in WWII rolling in their graves at the fact these people exist in our country. People worry that if we tax the rich fairly they will take their money and leave the country. Frankly, at this point, I am not seeing a downside to that. 

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