Monday, May 29, 2023

A Role Model???


One of the great mysteries in life… why do LGBTQ+ people vote Republican when they want to force us back in the closet?
  • A judge sentenced Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins to 8-and-a-half years in prison on Friday.
  • He said Watkins could have used her identity as a trans woman to be a role model.
  • Instead, she formed a local militia and encouraged others to commit crimes on January 6. 
By Grace Eliza Goodwin
May 26, 2023

The judge who sentenced Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins for her role in the Capitol insurrection said she could have used her identity as a transgender woman and army veteran to be a role model, rather than a riot leader. 

US District Judge Amit Mehta sentenced Watkins to eight-and-a-half years in prison on Friday. Watkins is a US Army veteran and Oath Keepers member who founded a local militia in Ohio, which she mobilized to join her in attacking the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, CNN reported. 

Much of Watkins' emotional testimony focused on her struggles as a trans woman in the military, a journey she says made her "fearful and paranoid" and drove her deep into the world of conspiracy theories, according to CNN.
Okay, let’s stop for a minute and think. 

“...her struggles as a trans woman in the military, a journey she says made her ‘fearful and paranoid’…” so what party threw us out of the military? What party allowed us to serve? What party stripped us of our healthcare? What party is fighting to get it back? So why the “f**k” are you with the organizations and party that wants us dead?
Mehta acknowledged her hardship at Friday's sentencing, telling the court that Watkins' "story itself shows a great deal of courage and resilience," according to CNN. 

"You have overcome a lot," Mehta said, according to CNN. "And you are to be held out as someone who can actually be a role model for other people in that journey. And I say that at a time when people who are trans in our country are so often vilified and used for political purposes.”
You know what this doesn’t hold any water…
...She has since apologized and says she is now "ashamed" of her actions, according to CBS News.
Sorry apologies made before sentencing I do not believe, I see them as a hope to weasel out of a stiff sentence.

The only reason that I can figure out why LGBTQ+ people are Republicans is because they want to keep their money… “I got mine, screw everyone else!”

The Yahoo version of this has over three thousand comments, surprisingly most of the comments are that she is getting her just rewards and not about being trans.

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