Wednesday, June 29, 2022

On This Day In 2007 I Transitioned – I Remember.

It hit me one day that my memories for the last fifteen years are of Diana.


I seesawed with that statement for months debating whether to add anything to it for that to be whole post today.

Other than family, all my friends today only known Diana, my friends from before I transitioned I rarely see now, I am friends with some of them on Facebook but nothing in-person anymore.


Body image.

I have also realized that my body image has changed. After fifteen years living in my true gender I realized that what is difference between someone who has transitioned and someone who only crossdresses occasionally is body image. 24/7 for fifteen years changes your perspective. You have boobs 24/7 and well down below also changes.

After 15 years it is hard to remember those other parts... well lets put it this way, 15 years on testosterone blockers and hormone kind of shrinks certain parts.


Other observations.

As we age skin starts to sag, and certain things on a women's body also start to sag and they are also sagging on me.



I just wore out another pair of low heel pumps! The sole under my ball of my big toe is just starting a hole and this leads to another observation... shoes. The soles are a lot thinner then men's shoes so 1. they wear out faster and 2. the most annoying thing is that you can feel every pebble through the soles. Step on those bumps at the crosswalks and you feel each and every one of them.

I just bought another bathing suit for the summer and that created a question,

Why is it when you buy a plus size bathing suit they think you have monster boobs? Sometimes we only have a monster stomach.


Professional Identity.

When I worked in electronics I was known throughout the company and now I have the same professional recognition. For better or worst people know me, from politicians, state agencies heads, non-profits directors know me, and most important is that my community recognize me.


The Times Are A Changing.

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s I decided that it was safe to transition, that society had changed and was accepting.

Twenty two years later society has changed again and has moved back to the 1950s and the Lavender Scare and Anita Bryant but added violence to the mix.

Before I never knew anyone who was a target of violence but now I know one person who was murdered and another who was beaten.

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