Sunday, June 05, 2022

Let’s Go To The Movie.

This week is the week of the Out Film Festival, it is the thirty-fifth year of the festival and they have a number of trans movies.

Today’s movies trans movies (Note: Some of the films are foreign language with sub-titles),

Finlandia (98 minutes)

A devastating earthquake hits Oaxaca, and after that, nothing will be the same for the Muxes, the so-called third gender. The Muxes are actively engaged in community life. They take care of the elderly and educate the young. They are fun and creative people who make their own clothing designs and flaunt them like true queens on magazine covers. This is their story, their highs and lows, the joy of their velas co-mingled with their grief, all revealed in the beautiful setting of rural Mexico.

Butterflies In Berlin (30 minutes)

Stunning art deco-style animation illustrates a transgender person’s brave journey of self-acceptance in 1930s Berlin, just as the capital city is beset by repressive sociopolitical forces.

Shedding Skin (17 minutes)

A seamstress who hides behind fabrics to guard the secret of her mastectomy meets her new transsexual neighbor. By dawn, both women will find healing and freedom in the middle of the sea.

Between Us (17 minutes)

Kei is a transgender man. After Kei helps the elderly owner of a hot spring, she invites Kei to enter the men’s side of the spa. The healing waters soon grow troubled when an unexpected guest arrives.

Thomas (4 minutes)

Thomas is determined to embrace his authentic self, despite being scorned by his peers and misunderstood by his family. Expressing himself through dance, he pushes his intolerant neighborhood toward acceptance.

Trans (4 minutes)

Two elderly women discuss a transgender grandchild.

Illustrating Sam Newton (28 minutes)

An outgoing New York City art student falls for an introverted, non-binary photographer who happens to be deaf and lives on the other side of the world.

Beautiful They (11 minutes)

Blue and Violet meet over a spontaneous toke. A connection forms and their day becomes unexpectedly intimate.

Everyman (11 minutes)

In this personal, visual essay about gender transition, Jack explores the difference between living as female and being perceived as male, using imagery from popular culture, mythology, history and art.


I first started going to the Film Festival in 2001 way before I transitioned, back then it was an excuse to go out as Diana. Many times I went to the opening party that was after the movies and was held at the student union on the Trinity College campus and over the years it became “Old Home Week” where I met many people I knew but now for me it is too late for me, way past my bedtime.

One year the closing party for the Out Film Festival and the closing party was at the Science Center and as I was leaving I saw that I had to walk by a sports bar’s outside patio and it was all men outside on the patio. I stopped in the doorway of the Science Center as four lesbians walked by, one saw me there starring at the bar. She stopped and came back to me and asked what was wrong. I said that I wasn’t looking forward to walking by them. She took her arm in mine and said come on.

The five of us walked by the bar and sure enough the cat calls started and then some realized that we were lesbians and then the calls began of making them “real women.” The woman who took my arm stopped after we passed by the bar and asked if I was alright now. When I said said yes, she hugged me and walked off. I never knew who my guardian angels were

Another time I got to meet Kristin Beck who was a guest of the film festival and I got invited to lunch with her, that night her movie “Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story” was shown.

For this festival I might volunteer to table for the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective one night.

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