Sunday, December 14, 2014

What Century Are They From?

I think you all know that for many reasons I am a Democrat and one of the reasons is that Republicans live in a different century…
Montana Dress Code Has Female Legislators Sporting New Look: Clenched Jaws
New York Times
By Jack Healy
December 13, 2014

Montana has never been known as a black-tie place. Governors wear cowboy boots and bolo ties, and people joke that a tuxedo is a pair of black jeans and a sport coat. But this winter, when lawmakers arrive at the State Capitol, they will have to abide by a new dress code: No more jeans. No casual Fridays. And female lawmakers “should be sensitive to skirt lengths and necklines.”
Ms. Eck said she was leaving a health care forum in Helena, the capital, on Monday when one of her Republican colleagues peered at her and told her that he was glad to see she was dressed appropriately.
“Skirt lengths and necklines” sounds like something from the 1950s. It seems like Republican controlled legislatures are imposing “dress codes” many of which sound like they are sexist.
“It’s like something out of ‘Mad Men,’” said Representative Ellie Hill, a Democrat from Missoula, referring to a television drama set in the 1960s. “The whole thing is totally sexist and bizarre and unnecessary.”

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