Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day Of 2014…

On this last day of the year tradition says we write about the year in review but instead I want to give you a chance to tell me what you think will be the important issues for our trans-community this coming year? What will be important on a national level and what will be important locally in your state?

Here in Connecticut I think our main focus should be on defining insurance coverage, we now have insurance coverage but no one knows what is covered? Some say only Gender Confirming Surgery and hormones, but others say all medical procedures that necessary including Full Facial Surgery, Chondrolaryngoplasty (trachea shave), electrolysis, breast reductions/augmentation, and other procedures a doctor feels that we need to increase the quality of life.

We need to continue working to improve care for LGBT seniors, and stop bullying in schools, and also get schools to obey the Connecticut Non-discrimination law.

Nationally I think we are dead in the water with a Republican controlled Congress, forget ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) but we need to keep up the pressure and not let it be forgotten. We also have to make sure that we don’t lose any ground, there is a good chance that the Republicans will try to pass some type of anti-LGBT bill like allow state to discrimination and ignore marriage equality or expand religious exemptions.

So what do you think should be on the legislature agenda? What will Congress do in the coming year?

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