Wednesday, December 17, 2014


"It's not easy being green," or in our case it’s not easy being trans and no matter what age you come out it is never easy. Each age has its own problems and for kids it is hard to come out in school, many schools systems still segregate trans-student while some schools fully integrate trans-students.

Jazz has written a book for kids about being different,
‘I Am Jazz’ shares transgender challenges in kid-friendly story 
Review Journal
By Terri Schlichenmeyer
November 19, 2014

There’s nobody else like you. Nobody has eyes like yours, or fingers like yours or ears that fold like yours. You think for yourself, have your own likes and hates, and people love you just the way you are.

In the new book “I Am Jazz” by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings, with pictures by Shelagh McNicholas, you’ll read about a girl who’s just like other girls … only different.
That’s because Jazz has “a girl brain but a boy body.” She’s transgender, and she was born just like that.
Her book has gotten good reviews,
I really like this book. I like its perky, friendly cover and the kid-magnet colors that McNicholas uses. I like the basic premise and the answers it offers curious kids, parents and teachers.

Those are the things that struck me immediately about it. Looking deeper, though, I discovered what truly makes “I Am Jazz” so valuable: it’s a unique, no-secrets tale written in a kid-friendly, easy-to-grasp, matter-of-fact way, told in part by author Jazz Jennings herself. That, with co-author Herthel, makes this story glow with a personal, upbeat and spirited touch that’s relatable for all children.
Here is a Yahoo video of an interview with Jazz by Katie Couric,

Jazz will be at the True Colors conference this spring.

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