Friday, December 12, 2014

We Can’t Let Them Make The Rules

The good news is that we now have insurance coverage for our transition, the bad news is that no one knows what it covers.
Insurers raise concerns over new transgender treatment rule
By Laura Nahmias
Dec. 11, 2014

New York State’s new requirement that private insurers cover sex reassignment surgery, hormone treatments and therapy for transgender individuals is drawing praise from LGBT advocates, and concern from insurers.
But the mandate is drawing concern from insurers who argue it could add to insurers' costs and set a precedent for patients seeking coverage for cosmetic changes they consider essential for their mental well-being.

“The concern we have is that by putting a spotlight on sex changes we’re setting a precedent,” said Leslie Moran, senior vice president for the state's Health Plan Association.
The changes could be a “slippery slope for other treatments and services people argue are mental health-related,” Moran said.
There is no “slippery slope” it is simple if healthcare providers think that the medical procedure is warranted it should be covered.

Insurance already covers certain cosmetic surgeries such as, burn victims, cancer patients, auto accidents victims, and many more surgeries; in addition, they also cover electrolysis for women with hirsutism. We should be able to have medical procedures that are covered by non-trans-people as long as a healthcare providers deems it necessary for our well-being. We cannot let the insurance companies determine what they will cover, but rather the medical profession should decide. 

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