Monday, December 01, 2014


Okay so what does a Prius have to do with trans-stuff?

Well it was eleven years ago this month when I bought my first Prius, it was when Generation II just came out and I owned one of the first ones in the state. I pre-ordered it sight unseen in October 2003 and I was the first name on the dealers list that was first on the list to get them in the state so when the first one came in December I had the right of refusal but I took it.

This was before I transitioned so I was still in the closet and I was paranoid when I drove it as “Diana” since it was bright red and my license plate is very distinctive. So if you saw a red Prius there was an excellent chance that it was mine.

Also since it was the Motor Trend’s 2004 car of the year and there was so much press coverage about the Gen II Prius I was stopped in the parking lots and asked how I liked the car. Here I was still a very nervous and shy trans-woman with all these strangers coming up to me, I remember one guy who got so completely flabbergasted when he saw that I was trans that he was tongue tied and it took him a couple of tries to get out the questions. Or when three college women one of whom had just bought a Gen II, they thought it was so cool that a trans-woman also had one, we stood around talking about the car for about twenty minutes.

So now I am on my third Prius and this model is a plug-in and the only way I will sell it is to get the next generation of a Prius. The only problem any of the three Prii was a problem with the multi-function display in the Gen II but it was covered by the warrantee. My second Prius I drove for 127,000 miles and had zero problems.

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