Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Guts! Or Sometimes We Win.

Despite overwhelming vocal opposition from the conservative clamor of their hate message of doom and gloom the Miami-Dade County Commission passed an ordinance banning discrimination based on gender identity for employment, housing, and public accommodation.
Miami-Dade County votes in favor of banning transgender discrimination
Ordinance to expand county's law on discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodation (WPLG)
Author: Glenna Milberg, Reporter
Published On: Dec 02 2014

After a four-hour public hearing Tuesday and months of debate, the Miami-Dade County Commission voted 8-3 to add protections for transgender people to its four-decade old human rights ordinance. The move extends legal protections prohibit discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment based on gender identity or gender expression.
"If I feel like I'm a female right now, I can go into the women's restroom?" asked Joe Davila, the pastor who came to the hearing to speak in opposition.

Opposition groups, mostly from the religious right, launched a campaign to squash the ordinance that included scare-tactic fliers and accusations that Communists supported the amendment.
He calls himself a “pastor”, which means according to Google “a minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation” however he has no qualms in telling lies or spreading hate, this doesn’t sound like a Christian to me, to me it sounds like someone who is using religion to hide his bigotry.

I applaud the commissioners for standing up to this onslaught of hate for over three hours and then doing the right thing.

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