Friday, December 05, 2014

Our We A Block Vote?

There is an interesting article in yesterday’s Hartford Courant on how LGBT voters might made the difference in the election of governor Malloy.
Did gay, lesbian and bisexual voters push Gov. Dannel P. Malloy over the finish line?

A new study suggests the gay vote may have played a role in helping Malloy, a Democrat who has long been a strong supporter of gay rights, beat Republican Tom Foley in last month's gubernatorial election.
"In Connecticut, Democratic incumbent Gov.Dan Malloy won the election over Republican challenger Tom Foley by a thin, 2.8 percent margin,'' the study said. "Without the LGB vote, analysis suggests that the margin of victory for the Democratic incumbent would have narrowed to just .3 percent."

Malloy has been a steadfast supporter of gay rights, even when the cause was far outside the mainstream. "Not many mayors were driving an hour and half to support a gay marriage bill at the Capitol 10 years ago or more,'' said state Sen. Beth Bye, a Democrat from West Hartford. "Both him and [Lt. Gov.] Nancy [Wyman] have been so good on our issues and everybody knows that."
I have been to a number of LGBT fundraisers for the governor and I know he has been a staunch of trans-rights. I have known the governor for almost ten years; I first met him at a fundraiser for GenderPAC at the home of an IBM Vice President down in Westport. He was then mayor of Stamford and he said back then that he was committed to working to pass a gender inclusive non-discrimination law.

Did we make a difference in the elections, I think so.

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