Tuesday, December 05, 2017

You All Seen And Heard It, The Purposely Misgendering Of Us.

Trump and his cronies behave like bullies on an elementary school playground with their name calling and refusing to use proper pronouns.
The Political Pettiness of Misgendering Transgender People
As the general public moves closer to accepting transgender people, the phenomenon of misgendering is coming into sharper relief—and being seen as the petty move that it is.
The Daily Beast
By Samantha Allen
December 2, 2017

But as transgender people enter the public sphere more noticeably—as we win elections and become the subjects of high-profile court cases—we’re witnessing a surge in a much more nefarious phenomenon: The active, willful misgendering of transgender people by our political opponents on large and influential platforms.

I’d hesitate to call it the last gasp of anti-LGBT forces who know they’re on the wrong side of history—but it is almost certainly an embarrassing sign of desperation.

After Danica Roem won her election to the Virginia House of Delegates last month—potentially becoming the first openly transgender candidate elected and seated in a state legislature—the Republican House Majority Leader in Virginia proposed doing away with the traditional “gentleman” and “gentlewoman” titles, as The Washington Post first reported.
How childish of the Republicans changing a 400 hundred year old rule just so they don’t have to say gentlewoman to Ms. Roem.

Then we have the conservative legal counsel doing it also,
If the Liberty Counsel did continue to misgender Grimm, Finch noted, “they seem deliberately disrespectful at best and biased on moral grounds at worst, which undermines their case by revealing an existing bias.”

Indeed, the Supreme Court seemed none too pleased with the stunt, telling the Liberty Counsel in a letter that “his” was the proper pronoun to use in this case, and to “please ensure careful compliance with this requirement in this and other cases in the future.”
Of course, far-right media outlets have been gleefully misgendering transgender subjects all along.
Well we didn’t expect Fox News and the other conservative news outlets to use the proper pronouns.
The article points out that as the general public becomes more accepting of us…
But as the general public slowly moves closer to accepting transgender people, this phenomenon is coming into sharper relief—and being seen as the petty move that it is.
I remember a trans man with a beard and balding telling me of an incident where he was being misgendered on purpose in a restaurant and when the person went to the bathroom he told the waitress that the person had early onset Alzheimer's.

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