Tuesday, December 19, 2017

It Is More Than Just The Words

It is the philosophy behind the words. It is trying to eradicate thought.

Take the word “fetus” which is one of the banned words, why is it banned?

For the answer we have to go to the Republican tax bill, read what Snopes has to say…
The 2017 GOP tax overhaul plan includes language that attempts to codify “fetal personhood.”
Since the landmark U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision, which served to legalize abortion nationwide in 1973, there have been legal fights that alternately seek to expand or reduce the protections granted after the case.

A common battleground on that front is the concept of fetal personhood — the legal theory that a fetus has the same legal rights as a person. A 2010 legal review on the topic describes the politics surrounding the debate:
The law is not clear on exactly who or what counts as a person […]. Pro-choice advocates worry that, if the law declares the fetus a “person,” then the war for reproductive rights will be lost. The pro-life population, on the other hand, welcomes such an interpretation as a means to wage their own war on the legality of abortion.
The latest effort to instate legal precedent for fetal personhood, media reports have argued, was quietly added to the two GOP-sponsored tax-reform bills currently under consideration in the House and in the Senate, though the Senate later repealed this language prior to passing their final version on 2 December 2017.
So the word “fetus” is probably banned because a “fetus” is not a person and the dogma of the Republican Party is to ban all abortions so they don’t want to use words like “fetus” they want you to use words like “unborn child.”

The New York Daily News said it best,
No data, no problem. It’s the time-worn way powerful cowards deal with inconvenient truths. Step 1: Deny the problem exists. Step 2: Suppress the data and deny the resources to document the problem exists. Step 3: Suppress the data and deny the resources to show that solutions to the problem exist or can be devised.
The Trump administration also removed sexual orientation and transgender from the 2020 U.S. census; if you are not counted you don’t exist.

When we were trying to pass the gender inclusive non-discrimination bill one question always popped up… “How many trans people are in Connecticut?”

Trump and the Republican party is trying to eradicate LGBT people by removing all references to us from the federal records.

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