Thursday, December 07, 2017

What Happens When You’re LGBT And Your Parents Are Against You?

What happens when you are a minor and your parents want to “pray-away-the-gay” or in our instance pray away the trans. What are your options?

Well in one case the trans person is suing his parents.
Transgender Teen Sues Parents For Not Allowing Her Gender Reassignment Surgery
The Daily Caller
By Grace Carr
December 6, 2017

Ohio social workers are siding with a transgender teen against her parents, asking that she receive treatment at a hospital instead of the Christian-based therapy the parents desire.

The complaint, filed in Hamilton County Juvenile Court, asks Judge Sylvia Hendon to order Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to provide treatment to the transgender teen, against her parents’ wishes. Court documents posit that the girl’s parents refuse to acknowledge her transgender identity, won’t let her receive treatment at Children’s Hospital, and haven’t let her change her change her appearance to look like a man, according to

The case comes after the unnamed 16-year-old transgender teen emailed a crisis hotline in November 2016, saying that one of her parents had told her to kill herself, according to the complaint. Court documents also allege that the mother screamed “You’re a liar!” at her child when she tried to read a letter during a therapy meeting.
Cincinnati prohibits doctors or therapists from practicing conversion therapy on gays and transgender, in accordance with a 2015 ban passed largely as a result of Alcorn’s death. The city fines anyone practicing conversion therapy $200.

“No licensed medical professional can perform any type of ‘treatment’ to change the sexual orientation or gender identity/expression of a minor in the City of Cincinnati. It is now the law of the land in Cincinnati, Ohio,” openly gay Cincinnati city councilmember Chris Seelbach said after the ban passed.
This case has big ramifications.

The first question is, are parent’s rights to raise their children absolute? Even if it means harm to the child?

The next question is, can the child file for emancipation? At what age is a child old enough to make their own decisions?

Lastly, is a ban on conversion therapy on a minor legal? Or is it a violation of the parent’s rights to seek help where they want or is it a violation of their “religious freedom?”

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