Friday, December 01, 2017

Who Would Have Thought

When I was growing up I never imagined that I would transition, society was so against us. Then in the late nineties rays of hope started to peek through the gloom and now businesses are actually fighting for us.
Milwaukee-area businesses form coalition to lobby for transgender rights
Would adapt law to prevent employment discrimination
Biz Times
By Molly Dill
November 30, 2017

Four southeastern Wisconsin companies are included in the five founding members of a new group, Wisconsin Businesses for Equality, that is advocating for transgender equality legislation.

Wauwatosa-based Froedtert Health, Kohler-based Kohler Co., Milwaukee-based ManpowerGroup and the Milwaukee Bucks have signed on, along with Madison’s UW Health.

The coalition was organized by the Milwaukee-based Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Fair Wisconsin, and will advocate for updating Wisconsin’s non-discrimination law to protect the transgender community.
Connecticut has a GL Chamber of Commerce; it changed its name from Connecticut Alliance for Business Opportunities.

I was a member of CABO and then they decided to change their name to reflect more who they are and I was asked to attend the name change meeting. It was an all afternoon meeting at the house of a Board member, well I lobbied for LGBT chamber of commerce; the other people there didn’t like “LGBT” it was too long of a name. So they chose CT Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce… sayonara, goodbye.

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