Tuesday, January 05, 2016

You Know What The Right Wingers Will Say…

I can hear them now using this against us.
Transgender woman, 25, is accused of raping 15-year-old girl before she changed sex from male to female
  • Davina Ayrton is accused of raping teenager in 2004 when known as David
  • Teen, now a woman in her 20s, said alleged attack 'felt like it was forever'
  • She said defendant, aged in 20s at the time, acted as if nothing happened
  • Ayrton, now 34, from Fordingbridge, Hants, denies rape - trial continues 
Daily Mail
By Steph Cockroft
Published, 5 January 2016

A transgender woman allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl before changing sex from male to female.

Davina Ayrton, now 34, is accused of raping the teenager in Portsmouth in 2004, when she was known as David.
Jurors heard how the rape allegation was reported to police around the time of the alleged incident but that the teenager did not want to make a statement.
This had nothing to with non-discrimination laws, she didn’t sneak in to a bathroom or locker room, she didn’t use being trans as a defense but you know that this will be used against us by the conservatives.

Being trans doesn’t mean that you are a saint, all it means is that you are trans.

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  1. Every so often we also see a headline that reads: "Man dressed in women's clothes robs (bank, convenience store) etc.)" These headlines, while not necessarily relating to transgender individuals, don't necessarily help our cause, either.