Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday 9: The One You Love

Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: The One You Love (1982)

Every Saturday I take time off from written on serious topics to have some fun…

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
In memory of Glenn Frey (1948-2016).

1) In this song, Glenn explores one of the great romantic conundrums. This week, Saturday 9 is confronting it, too. If you had to choose, would you prefer to be loved, or to be in love? 
I rather be loved because loving someone is easy, finding someone to return that love is hard.

2) The song describes an awkward moment: an old boyfriend calls when a woman is on a date with someone new. To whom did you last say, "I can't talk now?" 
A friend called me right when I was cooking dinner last week.

3) The lyrics talk about heart vs head. When you find yourself in that predicament, which usually wins -- heart or head?
Heart because there is no reasoning with it.

4) This song was from Glenn Frey's solo album, No Fun Aloud. What fun stuff are you looking forward to this weekend? 
Watching the snow come down and this evening watching “A Walk in the Woods” with Robert Redford.

5) Glenn Frey was born in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit. The Motor City is known for car manufacturing. Is your car domestic or foreign?
Foreign, a Toyota Prius

6) The popular 1990s sitcom Home Improvement was set in Royal Oak. Are you handy around the house?  
I’m all thumbs

7) Glenn Frey co-founded The Eagles in 1970. What's your favorite Eagles song? 
Hands down, Desperado

8) The Eagles helped define "California Rock," but in recent years Glenn and his wife lived in Tribeca. Have you ever been to New York? If so, did you like it? 
Yes, not really. I just want to get in and back home as soon as possible.
In 2014 I went to see a Broadway play on the day they won the Tony Awards (You can read about it here)

9) Glenn wrote "Smuggler's Blues" and "You Belong to the City" for the iconic 1980s TV show, Miami Vice. What else comes to mind when you think of the 80s?
Not much, the 80s are kind of nothing decade.
The sixties, rock came in on its own
The seventies, leisure suits and disco
The eighties, were just the eighties.


  1. I really enjoyed A Walk in the Woods but I must warn you, Nick Nolte is NOT in good shape. Redford is as wrinkled as you would expect an 80-year-old, but he moves well and his voice is fine. But I had a hard time making out Nolte's dialog. (Perhaps they enhanced it for the DVD.) Sometimes he sounds like one of those mumbly old guys I see on the train.

  2. The 80s were my high school and college years--I have lots and lots of fun memories!

  3. I remember my father had a blue poly leisure suit. thank goodness that one was short-lived

  4. "The 80s were just the 80s." Best answer yet!