Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Gee, They Are Just Waking Up?

The Republican claim that they never knew about Title VII and Tile IX, they either really ignorant or they have had their heads in the sand ever since Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins Supreme Court decision in 1989 that said sex discrimination also covers sex stereotyping.
Washington Quietly Adopts New Transgender Bathroom, Locker Room Policies
The Daily Signal
By Kelsey Harkness
January 04, 2016

One day after Christmas, Washington state quietly adopted a set of new policies regarding transgender individuals using sex-specific facilities. The rules, adopted by the state Human Rights Commission, make it illegal for business owners to limit sex-specific facilities such as bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms to persons with the anatomical parts of one sex.

“To my knowledge, this is the first time in the country that there’s been a statewide effort to mandate all public accommodations cooperate with the gender identity concept that somebody declares,” Joseph Backholm, executive director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, told The Daily Signal.

“This is the next step in this war on gender.”
I guess he doesn’t realize that seventeen states have protection for trans people for public accommodation. He makes it sound like Washington state is the first state to do this.
The rules, which a state legislator told The Daily Signal took effect on Dec. 26, apply to businesses with eight or more employees. They also dictate that schools should “allow students to use the restroom that is consistent with their gender identity” and in most cases, give transgender students “access to the locker room that corresponds to their gender identity.”

If another student expresses concern about sharing a sex-specific facility with transgender individuals, the policy says the student “should be directed to a separate or gender neutral facility, if available.”
His [Rep. Graham Hunt (R)] bill specifically grants public and private entities the right to limit sex-specific facilities to “be segregated by gender if the person is preoperative, nonoperative, or otherwise has genitalia of a different gender from that for which the facility is segregated.”

“With this bill that I will be putting public, I’ve really tried to make this nonpartisan and as common sense as possible,” Hunt said. “There has been such an outcry from the public saying, ‘What are we doing … how is it that their rights trump my rights.’”
So not only are we going to have bathroom police, we are going to further segregate trans people by surgical status.

You know if one of these bills ever pass I hope someone challenge it to make sure that they checking each and every one who uses the bathroom because to do otherwise would be sex stereotyping. Additionally, if they do not check each person going to the bathroom I would think that would violate the Fourteenth Amendment’s "equal protection of the laws."

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