Sunday, January 03, 2016

The New In

Everywhere you look there is something about trans in the mainstream media, from movies, to reality TV shows, to magazines, to the new target of the conservatives; for better or worst we are the talk of the town.
Trans is the new gay
Fighting for the T in the LQBT community #trendthet
The News Hub
By Ellie
03 JAN 2016

Since the 1800's gay and lesbian people have been widely discriminated. Now as we enter 2016 these times have moved on, but arguably the Transgender community has been left behind.

Although Transgender representation has been on the increase in mainstream media, from Orange is the New Black's Laverene Cox to Caitlyn Jenner appearance in Vanity fair, there are still many unsaid issues surrounding transgender people and their place within the LGBT community.
We as active members of the pubic must work hard to support the Trans community, 'Trend the T' in LQBT world and support the individuals that suffer just from being themselves. Around the world, there are thousands and thousands of organisations campaigning for human rights, female quality, anti war, shouldn't our trans gender family be just as important?
A couple of years ago at a Creative Cocktail Party at Real Art Ways, a woman came up to me and asked me “Are you a transsexual?” before I could even answer she said that I had to come to her party on Saturday and the address she gave was on the upper class section of Hartford near West Hartford. As she was talking my mind was thinking, why would she invite me a stranger to her party and the only thing that I could think of was so she could say to her friends, “See how cool I am I know a transsexual!”

One of the things that all this press is causing is that the conservatives feel that they are being backed in the corner and they lost the battle against marriage and gays and lesbian and now all their fear and anger is directed at us. They used fear of gays and lesbian in the bathroom in the sixties, seventies, and eighties and it worked (remember Anita Bryant and Save Our Children?) in many southern state where they passed laws and constitutional amendments against gays and lesbians and it now seems to be working against us in the Bible Belt states.

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