Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It Happened To Me

Have you ever been told that you were not you? Sometimes it can be very frustrating to be arguing on the phone that you are really you and this is what happened to a trans woman in Washington state.
Transgender woman files suit against Peoples Bank for allegedly denying her service
By Jacki Ochoa
January 26, 2016

SEATTLE -- A transgender woman has filed a civil lawsuit against her bank, saying they denied her service over the phone because she sounds like a man.

Lizzi Duff said Tuesday she felt violated and attacked, and still does now.

Duff said she called Peoples Bank three times trying to access her balance. She answered all the security questions, but they still wouldn’t release her information. Lizzi said a teller said her voice didn’t match the bank’s files, which says she is female.
“Sometimes people will call me Sir,”  Duff said. “And I’ll say, no, I’m not Sir and usually people will apologize and get it. I’ll say I’m a transgender woman and they are fine with it and very friendly but when it goes beyond that it becomes hostile, and I can say it, adversarial.” 
For me I run in to this when I call my credit card company and usually I get transferred to security and I tell them that I’m trans and I then conduct the business that I called them about. Once that didn’t work and I asked them why would I call about a product I bought with their credit card that didn’t work and I was having a problem with sending it back to the online store.

The other problem that I had was with my doctor when the nurse called to give me my test results and she didn’t believe I was Diana and we got into yes I am… no you aren’t. I finally hung up on her and called the doctor’s office and got a different nurse who knew me.

It can get very frustrating sometimes, but like ever issue there are humorous times, like when a telemarketer (before I got caller ID) who call asking for Diana and I said she’s not here.

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