Friday, January 29, 2016

No Surprise Here

This is something that many trans people know, that being trans makes it hard to find a job. Now a study find the same is true for lesbians.
What a researcher learned after sending out resumes with ‘LGBT indicators
By Nidhi Prakash
January 17, 2016

Job hunting is an already stressful process but LGBT women face an additional hurdle, according to new research. Women might be less likely to be called back for a job interview if their resume indicates that they’re LGBT, a study published this week found.

After sending out 1,600 resumes to apply for more than 800 jobs, the study found that women with an “LGBT indicator” on their resume (represented in the study as work experience at an LGBT advocacy group) were about 30% less likely to receive a call-back than women who didn’t have those indicators.
The study, Discrimination Against Queer Women in the U.S. Workforce: A Resume Audit Study, published in the journal Socius, is the first to try to objectively measure employment discrimination against LGBT women in America. It included jobs for administrative, clerical, and secretarial positions across two liberal states (New York and D.C.) and two conservative states (Tennessee and Virginia). For each job, Mishel used resumes that listed similarly-ranked universities and work histories, but with a different position listed under student work experience: either an LGBT advocacy group or an unrelated student group.
I wonder what it would be like if they did it for a trans woman? I know a number of highly qualified that struggled to find a job and many never did find a job or they accepted a job way below their skill level.

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