Thursday, January 14, 2016

Good For Her

She is not the first worldwide, they have been many other trans candidates and one of the better known trans politic who was a MP in New Zealand.
Ellen Murray, Northern Ireland's first transgender election candidate, standing for Green Party in May Assembly poll
The first transgender candidate on the island of Ireland is to stand for election to Stormont.
Belfast Telegraph
PUBLISHED 14/01/2016

Activist Ellen Murray, 22, will run for the Green Party in West Belfast in May's Assembly poll.

Ms Murray, who has blogged about her gender reassignment surgery, promised to give a voice to women, young people and the LGBT and queer community.

"I am standing for election because I believe that our political system, which impinges on every aspect of our lives, should be accessible to everyone."

This is the first time an openly transgender candidate has run in Northern Ireland or the Republic.
I wish her good luck in her campaign it will be an uphill battle.

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